Mu Delta Alpha takes full responsibility of impacting lives and making a difference to the future generation. Living the MDA lifestyle will season the present and future skills of a sorority woman. The doorway to gaining and experiencing the sorority life starts with welcoming a lifelong networking tool.


MDA will have various communities that will umbrella the professional training.


Focus Communities


Leadership Training
Key focus will be on areas of planning, execution, values, ethics, decision making, conflict management and more.



MDA Reform
The reform will be a four-year membership where the core values, wisdom, devotion and achievement and experiences of an active member will be reflected upon. The program will consist of devoted sisters from freshman, sophomore, junior and senior programs. It will encourage Sisters to connect with new sisters, facilitate discussions and bridge the social gap each academic year presents. The product of the reform will be alumni’s who have invested in a lifelong Sisterhood.



MDA Mirror
This community will focus solely on helping Sisters brand themselves. Reflect and showcase the best version of themselves and market that to the world. Sisters will be encouraged to learn how to create opportunities to learning more about marketing the MDA experience and creating a realistic action plan.  The focus will reinforce the understanding and living the MDA seasoned lifestyle.



Social Excellence
This will entail the importance of acquiring new recruitment strategies for MDA and strengthen professional conversation skills.



Key focus here will be the risk management and healthy- living balance programmed for all chapter members to learn and implement from. Members will be trained on group individual and group decision making and improving the overall safety of the Chapter life.  Areas of intertest will be female bullying, eating disorders, self-respect and many more.


Focus with Purpose
this community will provide chapters a chance to refresh and refocus their activities while continuing the MDA life and programming. MDA welcomes the personal and professional organic growth of an individual and will carter to the needs of the Chapters. New programming strategies will be consulted with the National Board, so there is always an opportunity to implement something new and exciting!