Did you know friendship can lead to ultimate happines?

Did you know friendship can lead to ultimate happines?

What is friendship?

I dare to say that the definition of friendship differs per person. However, I think we can all agree that a true friend is a person, who is there for you no matter the situation. It’s the person who you can trust unconditionally knowing, they will be there for you regardless of what you share with them. A friend will pick up the phone at 4 am if you call them. It is someone you dearly love and would sacrifice a part of yourself to make them happy. They don’t judge, even if they might not agree with you. A friend has your back.


A friend and a friend are not the same

friendship happinessWhilst you may have countless amounts of friends, you probably only have a handful of the true ones. Granted, if you have more than a handful of those good ones, I would like to congratulate you! Nonetheless, finding real true friends is a task and a half. I think all of us went through those “so-called friendships”. We were convinced the person was our friend, yet when we needed them the most, they just turned their back on us. Although not a nice experience, it is valuable.

Why? The answer is simple. By going through a couple of bad friendships we learn to identify the signs of a good one. Only by knowing the bad we get to appreciate the good. Also, we discover what we are actually looking for in a friend. We learn to differentiate, we learn to appreciate and we learn to enjoy the good friendships.


Friendship is a strong predictor of one’s happiness

friend loveBesides friends just being the second family you can tell you’re embarrassing stories too, friendship is actually proven to influence one’s level of happiness. Research has proven that both family and friends are tied to higher self-rated levels of health and happiness, yet with a later age, friends seem to indicate happiness more than family. The research is based on the thought that one gets to choose their friends and tends to stick with the good ones until a late age. This also comes from the fact that family ties are much more complicated and can often involve more negative or serious interactions compared to friends.



It all comes down to this… Choose your friends wisely as your happiness depends on it!


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